Running TntMPD on CrossOver Mac


1.  Install and launch CrossOver Mac 9.0 or newer.

 (Note:  This requires a Macintosh running with the newer Intel chip.)

 (Note:  If given the option to install “quartz-wm”, do so.  Unexpected results may occur without it.)


3.  Under the “Configure” menu, click on “Manage Bottles”.

4.  Click on the “+” button near the lower left to add a new “bottle”.




5.  Give the bottle a name, and select “winxp” as the bottle type.


6.  Click “Create” to create a “winxp” bottle.

7.  On the Mac (using Safari, for example) download “SetupTntMPD.exe” (2.1 r22 or newer) from the website:


8.  In CrossOver, click on the “Install Software…” button, select "Other" and then select "SetupTntMPD.exe".


9.  Install TntMPD following the normal prompts.


10.  Here’s a screenshot of TntMPD running inside a Mac…




11.  Here’s a screenshot of the “Gift Input from Web” window…




12.  To launch TntMPD later, start CrossOver and under the “Programs” menu, you’ll find TntMPD.




13.  Within Mac OS X, you may associate the “.mpddb”file extension with CrossOver.  This will allow you to double-click on a TntMPD database file using Finder, and it will launch the database inside TntMPD automatically via CrossOver.